Robert Gerberg – reaching the top

Success is something you must work hard for to achieve. All successful people would attest to this fact of life. Take for example the life of Robert Gerberg who is also known to others as Robert J. Gerberg Jr. Before he became an authority in the information and service business, he had to invest time and hard work on his education and later on his work. He had to go through a learning process before he could develop the invaluable program and design that brought the job searching services to a higher level. He was instrumental to the development of developing a technology-based program for job searching services that is now widely used all over the globe.
The experience and training he has gone through in his previous employments were instrumental to the conceptualization and later realization of his remarkable program. When Robert Gerberg graduated from Colgate University with a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, he immediately landed a job at the Bausch and Lomb. He worked there for three years under the Personal Products Division as an Account Executive. He then took up a Master’s Degree in Business Administration at the University Of Colorado at Boulder-Leeds School Of Business. Robert J. Gerberg Jr. was hired as vice president by the Princeton/Masters Press Inc. after getting his MBA. He eventually became the president of Princeton Press, the printer that printed his father Robert Gerberg Sr.’s more popular books.
As soon as he got out from Princeton Press, he built his own company with the help of some of his colleagues, the Advanced Career Technologies, Ltd. or ACT. The innovative program he developed, which is basically the technology-aided job hunting service became fully operational in his new company. The company also provides outplacement services to executives and assistance to spouses of employees who are relocated.
Gerberg is not only a successful businessman; he is also an accomplished author of books that have aided millions of professionals looking for employment. He has authored many books that are now distributed internationally with an astounding over seven million copies. He has also produced several bestselling books like the An Easier Way to Change Jobs that sold above five hundred thousand copies already. He started publishing his works when he was working with Princeton Press. He would have not been able to accomplish all these without going through what he has gone through in his career and studies. His story tells us that you must climb to reach the top.

Lake Cumberland House Boat Rentals

Life on a houseboat can be an stimulating as well informative and adventurous know-how. It is furthermore refreshing and comforting at the identical time. Hundreds of houseboats are available on lagoon Cumberland, but are often booked during the entire summer season. If you are enthralled by the idea of vacationing in a houseboat, start making your reservations as early as the end of the winter time of the year.


Lake Cumberland was conceived along with the building of the Wolf Creek Dam in 1950. It is an artificial lagoon located in Central Kentucky that cost over $80.4 million. This artificial lagoon was created for inundate command and for the production of the hydroelectric power that could support some towns, as well as some  jacksonville houses for rent  states. Its shoreline solely currently assesses up to 1085 miles and 50,250 acres at the peak most power pool. This wonderful man-made lagoon has become a source of tourism for the state, as well as an economic motor for the South-Central Kentucky.


The lagoon is a large location for leasing houseboats. There are a lot of rental services available on the Internet.


Lake Cumberland rental businesses supply a high grade of service with no additional allegations. Most vessel models are equipped with hot tubs to take your amusement and relaxation to the next grade.


directions are given before each vessel sails like simple operating procedures, as well as other boating directions. The houseboats are constructed for solace and amusement exclusively. Houseboat equipment encompasses private staterooms, air conditioning, stereos, oven varieties, microwaves, refrigerators, GPS, coolers, outdoor furniture, waters, downhill rides, TVs and DVDs. You’ll furthermore find a new provide of slips, towels and bed covers and other kitchen utensils for your convenience.


All the convenience of dwelling plus numerous supplemented extras are available like satellite TV, satellite music, and party tops and outdoor grills. The dwellings are prepared for large-scale parties, and you will certainly spend a holiday in luxury less the luxurious cost tag.